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ASAMMADF is an open-source tool that helps convert a CAN DBC file to human-readable physical values and lets you automate the operation with minimal code with the ability to create advanced graphics with scaled values for analysis. Using the AMAMDF GUI tool, one can

  • Visualize channels
  • Compare channels from multiple files in the same plot
  • See channel, conversion and source metadata as stored in the MDF file
  • Access library functionality for single files (convert, export, cut, filter, resample, scramble) and multiple files (concatenate, stack)
ASAMMDF GUI Layout Elements

This page includes a step-by-step illustration of how ASAMMDFGUI Software can help view/filter/merge/export/analyse CAN/CAN FD/LIN data when used with the ReXgen devices from Influx. One can use the ASMMDF tool to:

Click here for more information about the ASAMMDFGUI software
For complete documentation on ASAMMDF, click here.