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Configuring the Rebel Dash using DiaLog

If you are using the Dash to display data from a Rebel CT or LT Logger, you will use DiaLog to configure the Dash. You should be familiar with using DiaLog to configure the Logger and have the Project that you wish to display items from created already before performing the following steps:
Enable within the Logger Configuration the AUX Power setting
Configure the Logger to supply power to the display by right-clicking on the Project you want to configure and selecting 'Properties'.
Once the Edit Configuration window is displayed, Click on the 'Settings' Tab and put a Check mark in Aux Power On.
Then Click OK
The configuration must contain CAN 1 (MS) so that the Dash connected on CAN 1 can be configured automatically; check if it is there.
If CAN 1 (MS) is not already there, click + New Bus to add it.
Select CAN 1 (MS) and press OK.
Select Auto Baud Rate and press OK.
To send the configuration to the Logger, right-click on the Project and choose "Send Configuration to the Logger".
Once the Dash is on, we can proceed to configure the Logger to output the desired information on the CAN bus and create a Rebel Dash Configuration to allow it to be selected for display.
Select the accessible Items on the Rebel Dash by right-clicking on the Project and choosing "New/Edit Output Signal".
Click 'New Ident' to set up the CAN Identifier you wish to broadcast.
For example, we will choose CAN Identifier 600 and broadcast every 100ms. You may choose any CAN Identifier you wish to use.
Once you have added the Ident, you can add the items you wish to broadcast by clicking 'Add Item'.
Keep clicking add an item and selecting items until you have chosen all the items you wish to display:
You will see how "full" your CAN message is on the right. In this case, you can see we are using 6 of the available bytes in our CAN message to broadcast the items. Add Idents until you have all the items you wish to broadcast if necessary.
Now click Set Output CAN; you must choose CAN MS to select CAN 1, which is connected to the AUX connector of the multi-connect cable if you are attaching the Rebel Dash to that connector.
Once finished, click 'OK'.

Optional Steps

If you want to create a Rebel Dash configuration that can be used to configure the Dash via USB (Not required as the Dash will be configured when you send the configuration to the Logger if it is attached)
You can press 'Export' and Select the Rebel Dash.
You will be prompted for the Location of your blank memory stick that is formatted with FAT32 that you will use to Configure the Rebel Dash:
Once found, click "OK" and wait for the following message to appear:
Press OK again to update the configuration.
Right-click on the Project and choose "Send Configuration to the Logger".
This will also update the Dash if it is attached and on.
Alternatively, once the Dash is on, proceed to configure the Dash with the USB Stick created in the optional step; insert the stick, and the Dash will notify you that the configuration file has been copied. Once you remove the USB stick, the Dash will reboot and be available to display your signals.