Updating the Firmware in the Rebel Dash

To update the Rebel Dash, insert an empty USB stick that is compatible with the Rebel Dash into your PC.

Right-click the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Influx Technology\Rebel Dash Config\firmware\RebelDash1.04.zip and select Extract All.

Then select the Root directory of your USB stick (in this case, D:\). Click Extract.

Open the USB sticks' root directory.

The USB stick will then contain the following files:

You will note in the picture above usbstick_update.ars is in the root directory of the memory stick (in this case, D:\)

There are also three other folders in the following root directory of the memory stick (in this case, D:\app, D:\images and D:\update_1.04 ). If all the files are not in the correct location because they have been extracted via a different method, e.g. WinZip, then you will need to move them to the correct location.

Safely Remove the USB Stick From your PC.

Insert the Stick into the Rebel Dash;

On its screen, you will see:

You will then see

The firmware update is complete.

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