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Using SavvyCAN with ReXgen

From Firmware version 2.18, we support the usage of ReXgen as an interface for SavvyCAN Software.


  • SavvyCAN is an open-source GitHub project not maintained or owned by Influx Technology LTD.
Link to SavvyCAN documentation:

Setting up SavvyCAN

Step 1: Extract the contents of the ZIP file
Step 2: Open SavvyCAN.exe
Step 3: Click the Connection menu and Select ‘open Connection Window,
Step 4: Click ‘Add New Device Connection’; if the connected devices list is empty, proceed to Step 6.
Step 5: Select the Connection type as QT Serial Bus Devices, serial Bus device type as ReXgen and port as CAN 0.
Step 6: Select your connected device and choose the baud rate of the CAN bus, then click ‘Save Bus Settings’. Might need to do this twice.
You should start seeing CAN Trace in the main window.
Step 7: Enable ‘Overwrite Mode’ for improved stability.