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ReXgen 1- Product Manual

The ReXgen1 manual provides information on the usage, safety precautions, installation procedures, and operation.


This document is intended for professional engineers and academic researchers, allowing them to understand the concept of operating the device and integrate this knowledge into systems with components of other manufacturers.


Translation of the original Product Manual ReXgen 1.
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  • Ensure that the device is installed, connected, and commissioned by a qualified professional following all safety norms
  • Disconnect the device completely before handling it, and disconnect any independently supplied output load circuits
  • Do not connect the housing to the Ground externally. This will suspend the reverse voltage protection of the power supply. Applying a reverse voltage, in this case, will destroy the supply circuits
  • Provide all the device connectors with plugs and any protection caps required to ensure protection class IP65
  • Never immerse the device in water or other liquids
  • The manufacturer must only repair the device
  • Keep substances that contain solvents away from the label
  • Do not use the logger's USB port for data logging purposes, as it may result in damaging the USB port, and this won't be covered under the warranty
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Notes: Important usage instructions/notes/limits.
Attention: Property damage
Warning: Severe injury or death. Probability: Possible