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Setting up FileZilla FTPS

Download FileZilla
Complete the installation with default settings.
Log in to the Admin Interface.
Click on the server settings icon.
Click on general settings and configure the default port. It is advised to use ports other than 21. Example:54345
Configure the welcome message, optional.
Configure the port range (Starting from the port configured in step 3) and the external IP address to be used for FTP passive mode configuration. Example: 54345 - 54350
  • If the server is being set up on Azure Virtual Machine or an Amazon EC2 instance, use the static IP address of the Virtual Machine or EC2 instance.
  • If it is a local server with a static IP address, use that static IP Address.
Ensure the ports are open in the Windows firewall and the Firewall settings in the Azure or AWS portal.
  • Go to FTP over TLS Settings
  • Enable the FTPS option
  • Disallow plain FTP
  • Generate new certificate
  • Leave other settings as shown in the image below.
*PROT P is not supported
  • Click Ok